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A fun silly game for you all to enjoy.


Mooshkins is a multi-sheet platformer (50 unique levels) with a one big gameplay twist - you control 15 characters simultaneously. When you move your character, known as Blue Chief, the rest - warriors - move too. And when you jump, some of the warriors will follow.


Sheets are levels, operating like z-fold paper |\/\/\/\. You can't just tear off one without a mess of others coming with it. So in this game you choose 5, and you complete them all in a single session to get points. Success sees your progress autosaved. This stat persists forever through any future games (you can also wipe progress through a hard-reset via menu option - I'm guessing not many will want to do this).

Mostly, it's not a savage pixel-perfect jumpy-jump thing but a (light) puzzler requiring some quick reflexes, lots of casual jumps and some humour along the way. Jumps. There's a lot of this going on. Also, some sheets have multiple solve patterns. And jumping.

I'm recommending play total would be up to 10 hours, though maybe some super awesome type can do it quicker - let me know, I need tips. Retail would be low, like $1.99.


A box of old dot matrix paper is washed ashore a tiny island. On the pages a curious battle takes place, trapping the Blue Chief and his warriors. Your goal is to combine the warriors to the chief and board the waiting rocket. Along the way you will encounter strange foes, including : charging bronkers, jawing birds, plasma cannons, flying laser droids, chompers, acid baths, infinite falls, horrible radioactive fiends called Stempers and absolutely no timers.


Move left, right and jump. That's it. Blue Chief is responsive to every command. The warriors execute their jumps either to your command or not, and exist in an agitated state generally, but will always move left and right in sync to your actions.



Dot Matrix (with wide artistic license) imagery, sheet faults, ink faults. Shadows cast by overhead island trees, simulated real-world leaves, beach grains blowing across the paper. Ink trail on Blue Chief, ink splatter from impact falls (chief and warriors), simulated 'in-paper' storms, rain, water splash ink.



On-the-fly mixed backing track, percussive. Intro score.

Sound effects

Environment : sea, wind, character sounds.

Sample Video Preview

Good luck!

Platform : For Windows 7 to 10.


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